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Qui sommes-nous ?

Yasmine & Yousra, we're sisters (almost twins), so you'll rarely see one without the other.

Sensitive to the Slow Fashion movement and ethical, eco-responsible fashion, we've combined our skills with our passion to contribute to changing consumer habits by creating new ways of consuming fashion.

Notre mission est d’accompagner les consommateurs dans leur transition vers une consommation de la mode plus réfléchie pour un dressing optimisé et durable. 

Nous souhaitons sensibiliser les consommateurs à leur impact écologique individuel et collectif et leur faire réduire leur empreinte carbone issue de la consommation de la mode.  

À propos: À propos de nous
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Yousra, CFO

Artist, stylist and model maker. My two passions, fashion and finance, are closely linked by my convictions in favor of the environment. I therefore explore responsible investment and sustainable clothing.

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Yasmine, CEO

Digital Native, I developed digital strategies for fashion brands. Today, I support students in building their own prospective visions of fashion with an ethical and environmental perspective.

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